About Me

My passion has always been photography. I received a point and shoot camera at 10 years old and haven’t set a camera down since then. I took three years of film photogrpahy in high school and have been dedicated to making myself better. I started college majoring in photography and added on minors in advertising/marketing and graphic design in hopes to further my career in the creative field.

I specialize in product and portrait photography. I studied behind six commercial photographers – each specializing in different areas. I studied photography, marketing, and graphic design at Webster University. I am innovative, determined, and hard working. I have strong adaptability and leadership skills that I learned from being the photography editor of a nationally ranked magazine- the Ampersand.

With great attention to detail, I connect with clients seeking creativity in their advertising through photography. I use my versatile education of photography, advertising, and graphic design to make the product pop off the page and shine in a new light.