“Man Up” or “Act Like A Lady” – BTS

One of my favorite photo shoots from this semester was the cover shoot for the Ampersand, Webster’s student-produced magazine. One of our featured stories this semester was “Man up” or “Act Like a Lady”.

I was very excited for this shoot. After a couple weeks of searching for barbies and blue gaming remotes, we were finally ready to test lighting! Our art director, Katie, and I went to the studio and tested how we were going to accomplish this. We were finally set. I mean, after we laughed at ourselves for an hour as we tried to be the two models while using a self-timer and getting back into place each time to get the shot we wanted. Yeah, wow, it was as long-winded as it sounds. But hey, sometimes those are the most memorable moments.


We set up a GoPro for the shoot to show a quick process of how we accomplished it. No worries, it’s only a minute long instead of three hours. You’re welcome 🙂

Watch Me

We got into the studio, unrolled the seamless paper, set up our strip lights, and got going for a fun night ahead. I wanted to be able to shoot overhead so of course I had to get out the ladder and position the tripod to reach over their heads. Since the camera was about seven feet high and over their heads, we were able to actually fire from my computer.

Katie was the test model for me (as always) and sat in the position where our first model would sit. This way we could sourround the props around her and get the shot set up. We put tape where she was sitting to mark the spot and put our first model onto the set. Once we had the shot we wanted, we switched her out for our male model. We switched out all the props but put them opposite of where they were for the female model. We did this because we wanted the models to sit in the exact same spot for lighting and accuracy. This way we could flip one of them in post-production and put them back to back.

Once we were done with all of our shots, we tore down and I got editing. We wanted to split the background for the representation of the story idea of being boxed in by gender. After a little Photoshop tutorial, I selected the background and started playing with the pinks and blues.

Gender Props Small
Cover Small CroppedCapture0038-3small

This was such a fun story to brain storm and set up. Thank you to everyone who helped me. Believe me, it was a team effort. Especially Katie! But we couldn’t have done it without all the props, models, and helpers. You all rock.

| Crystal French |



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