Angle of Incidence

My professor gave us the task of shooting glass. We were learning about the laws of light and the angle of incidence. Of course, glass is the perfect subject to shoot to demonstrate this. Glass is always fun to shoot, except the part where every item around it is in the reflection. Sometimes it feels like a game of I Spy. You can see something in the reflection but you look around and can’t find the item.

I decided to shoot a wine glass but also brought more items to play around with. I set up a large soft box overhead. I put tall white cards on both sides of the wine glass to highlight the edges. Then, I put little white cards on the bottom to highlight the stem. I shot both the wine glass and dairy milk jar this way.

I decided to spice it up a bit more after doing both of those. I wanted to try to add color. I put color gel sheets onto my white cards to reflect color into the glass. I added ice cubes and liquid to make it feel like it was in a vibrant environment. I added silver foil cards behind the liquid to make the liquid glow. I find glass to be a very fun and rewarding subject to photograph!

Assignment 314796smallOverlapsmallAssignment 314805small

| Crystal French |


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