Well Hello There

I have considered starting a blog for quite a while now and never had the time to get it up and running. Since I’m on Christmas break (my last one EVER, OMG), my sister talked me into finally starting one.

I am excited to show how I usually work through different photography inspirations. Most of my photography is done in the studio so I’ll also be showing some “behind the scenes”. I plan on blogging about everything photography related and maybe occasionally go off track and switch it up. Lets be real, we could all use some ‘switching up’ sometimes.

My “normal” schedule consist of me taking 18 credit hours in St. Louis, working, and traveling home to Springfield to see my husband on the weekends. I’m usually never bored…I don’t have time to be bored. I mean really, what is free time?

I am aspiring to be a commercial photographer working in a studio. I am majoring in photography with an emphasis in commercial and receiving minors in graphic design and marketing/advertising.

While on Christmas break, I am doing a photo challenge. The challenge gives a new word each day and I have to take a photo that relates to the word. My sister (also a photographer) and I are doing this together. I love seeing different perspectives of different photographers and how they perceive the world through their eyes.

This upcoming semester I have decided to not take as many classes and spend more time in the studio. I have talked to many photographers that wish they would have taken more opportunities to produce work they are passionate for. I am taking their advice and not going to waste any time or resources that I have available to me. SO, thank you to those of you who join me in this journey. I hope you enjoy!


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