Let the Challenge Begin

So as I mentioned in the last blog, I am doing a photo challenge for the month of January. I love how the challenge constantly keeps me looking for items through out the day to photograph. It keeps my mind fresh and thinking about objects that I wouldn’t normally think about.

Theme: white

I started looking around my house for items that are white. I am a very organized person so I start making lists of inspiration of where I could go with this theme. I see stockings, ornaments, milk, sea salt, coffee mugs, wine bottles…oh wine…I love wine. I can never turn down wine. Even though I’m not even drinking it, always love wine. Fun fact: I received this wine bottle over a year and a half ago at my wedding shower my sister threw me. This wine bottle is saved for my Cory, my husband, and I’s first fight. It’s been tempting to not drink because {wow} it’s a pretty bottle. Anyways, once I got my subject I realized there were many ways to do this shot. I tried the wine bottle with natural light on a blanket and on a marble slab. I then shot the wine bottle with a soft box on the same two items. I ended up liking the soft box photo because it gave the image a modern, clean look to it. I’m taking advantage of using my tree as a background before it has to be packed away!

| Crystal French |


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