Beauty In Everything

Todays photo challenge theme: outdoors

I’m not usually one to share my deep thoughts on media but today it feels necessary. Maybe someone else needs to be able to find something beautiful in a rough situation. Stay with me, this one is a long one.

When I first saw todays theme, my first reaction was “Wow that is so broad. What in the world am I going to shoot?”. In all actuality, it took me no time to figure out what I wanted to shoot today.

Let me first fill you in on the back story. One week ago I got up and was going about my normal routine. I headed to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. I looked out my window…my car was gone from my driveway. I turned to Cory and immediately said, “Is this a joke? Did you move my car?” with a smirk on my face. His face dropped and I knew this couldn’t be good. It had been stolen. So needless to say, this past week I have been trying to stay positive. Thoughts occasionally run through my head like, “Is the insurance going to pay us enough to pay off the loan?” “Am I going to be able to find a car to get back to college?” “We were about to have it paid off with our tax return and now we have to pay off the loan, the insurance deductible, and a new vehicle”. BUT this morning was different.

This morning I got up and was going about my normal routine. I once again went to my kitchen to get a bowl of cereal. Side note: I don’t know what it’s like to bring home a newborn, but I expect it is a lot like checking out the window for the vehicles 15 times a day to make sure everything is okay. I looked out the window and saw something that most people find annoying…but today it looked so beautiful. Frost on the windshield. I got ready and went out to warm up my dads truck (S/O to dad for letting me borrow his truck, you rock). I grabbed my camera and started shooting the frost while it warmed up.

Even though I was warming up a vehicle I was borrowing, I started to find beauty in the situation. It made me realize that we can always find beauty, even in difficult situations that rock your world. I quickly found myself with a grateful heart for the roof over my head and family that help out in time of need. Today I was reminded that there will ALWAYS be something to be thankful for and there will ALWAYS be beauty in every situation (even if it takes years to realize what the situation taught you). God is always good. When I got back home, I decided to make a screensaver for my phone and computer that reminded me to not to be anxious. Cory and I have faith the situation will work out as it should. We have found peace in forgiving the thief and praying he has a relationship with Christ to turn to.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. | Philippians 4:6 |


| Crystal French |


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